The Bereaved Families Forum (also known as the Parents Circle – Families Forum) runs a wide variety of educational, social and artistic projects in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

These are some of them:

High school meetings, conducted by Forum members, reach 40,000 Palestinian and Israeli students every year.

Bi-national youth leaders’ seminars, training both sides in dialogue techniques that lay the foundations for hope in the new generation.

Internet reconciliation programme forming relationships between Israeli and Palestinian students through blogs on the internet.

Reconciliation workshops in the community attended by thousands of adults in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Hello Shalom-Hello Salaam: a chat-line which provides an opportunity to humanise the conflict and encourages genuine dialogue. Since 2002 it has enabled more than a million phone calls between Palestinians and Israelis.

A bilingual radio programme produced and broadcast by two young members of the Families Forum on ‘All for Peace’ radio station.

‘Good Intentions’: a groundbreaking TV drama series developed for Palestinian and Israeli audiences, based on the true stories of Forum members.

Summer camp for the children of bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families.

Pic of women laughing

The Narrative Project began with 140 Israeli and Palestinian members making a joint visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem and then to Ekbeba, a Palestinian village destroyed in the 1948 war. Shared reflection on the pain caused by the Holocaust and the Naqba (Catastrophe) has led to increased understanding and empathy on both sides. As part of the Narrative Project, history textbooks were produced, relating both narratives for Palestinian and Israeli children.

The Women of the Forum, a group of Israeli and Palestinian bereaved women, was established in 2006 and meets several times a year. It has brought into the PCFF many new female members who feel more at ease with ‘women only’ activities. The women cook together, travel together, have empowerment workshops and visit each other’s homes.

Photo Voice: cameras and photography lessons were given to Israeli and Palestinian children, allowing them to display their daily lives and share them with each other and the public through exhibitions in East Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and London.

Offering Reconciliation art exhibition: an unprecedented collaboration of Israeli and Palestinian artists, spreading the vision of reconciliation and tolerance to wider audiences in both communities, and creating new ambassadors for our unique message.

Tri-lingual website (Hebrew, Arabic and English) run by Forum members.