BBC Interview, 7 Nov 2013

Bassam Aramin and Robi Damelin interview on the BBC’s prestigious Today programme.

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Sky TV News, 19 Aug 2013

Interview with FBFF Secretary Chani Smith

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The Guardian, Aug 2013

Article about the relationship between Forum members Bassam Aramin and Rami Elhanan

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New York Times photographic essay

NYT has published a stunning photographic essay by Rina Castelnuovo about the Palestinians and Israelis who are working together for peace and reconciliation.

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The Guardian, 25 Nov 2012

‘It’s very easy for both the Muslim and Jewish communities in the diaspora not to compromise; they’re not exactly put to the test every day.’

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New York Times, 22 Nov 2012

‘You don’t need a curriculum to make you hate if you live in Gaza. And it is the same for Israeli children in Sderot…’

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Sky TV News, 21 Nov 2012

‘I wish Obama could help us find a solution…’ – Mazen Faraj and Robi Damelin

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The Guardian, 19 June 2012

‘If you travel with hopes and dreams, it will be easier’ – Seham Abu Awwad
From Hugh Muir’s account in The Guardian of a reception held in the Speaker’s House at Westminster on 19th June 2012

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Emel, Dec 2010

‘It is often difficult for us to meet; she lives in Israel and I in Palestine. There is a wall, checkpoints and Israeli soldiers that divide us. But our friendship is so established that no matter how many barriers we encounter, we will always find a way of keeping our friendship alive.’

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Sussex University, 22 Nov 2010

“The Students’ Union hosted an event with the UK Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum which was attended by around 30 Sussex students from all backgrounds.”

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The Times, Nov 2009

‘Revenge? What for? It does not bring anyone back.’

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Church Times, May 2009

‘Being a victim, there is so much pain… but giving up victimhood, there are so many responsibilities.’

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The Guardian, May 2009

‘She’s Israeli, he’s an Arab. War has made them like mother and son’.

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Church Times, Dec 2006

Choosing reconciliation instead of revenge.

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BBC News, Sept 2005

‘Pain equalises you and you start to listen and that’s when you start to understand.’

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