Upcoming Webinar: “Radicalization in Israel; Anti-normalization in Palestine— what’s a Peacemaker to do?”


The Bereaved Families Forum
invites you to join us for an engaging webinar:

Radicalization in Israel; Anti-normalization in Palestine— what’s a
Peacemaker to do?

Thursday, March 1, at 7:00 PM

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Israeli and Palestinian peace activists face many obstacles when they take their messages back to their home communities. Radicalization within the Israeli public continues to increase, motivated by fear and divisive political speech. In Palestine, grassroots peace efforts are antagonized by a growing attitude of “anti-normalization”.

These challenges have intensified due to the Trump administration’s announcement on Jerusalem, emboldening the Israeli far-right and threatening the Palestinian dream for statehood.

Bereaved Parents Circle members and staff — Manar Faraj (Palestinian) and Anat Marnin (Israeli)— will discuss their and other peace activists’ experiences with these obstacles and how we are working to overcome them on the ground.


Manar Faraj, bereaved Palestinian Parents Circle member and Educational Project Manager
Anat Marnin, bereaved Israeli Parents Circle member and Narrative Project facilitator

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