£420,000 Legacy from Rabbi Lionel Blue to Fund Youth Peace Award

£420,000 Legacy from Rabbi Lionel Blue OBE to Fund Youth Peace Award

Rabbi Lionel Blue (z”l), former patron of the FBFF, left the organisation a generous legacy gift of £420,000 to expand its courageous and ground-breaking work.  Part of the bequest will be used to establish the Lionel Blue Youth Peace Award, which will be awarded for the first time this year to a young Palestinian and a young Israeli, in recognition of their outstanding contribution to peace.  The award is in memory of Rabbi Lionel Blue, the much-loved broadcaster who featured regularly on the BBC Radio 4 “Thought for the Day” for more than 30 years.

UK-FBFF Appoints New Manager, Shiri Ourian

We welcome our newly appointed Manager, Shiri Ourian, who joins us to help raise the visibility of and support for the work of the FBFF in the UK.  Shiri worked with the Parents Circle – Families Forum in Israel and Palestine for 8 years and is also the Executive Director of the American Friends of the Parents Circle since 2013.  “I believe the Bereaved Families Forum can help heal divided communities and groups in the UK and that the UK can help stop fear and hatred between Israelis and Palestinians.  I look forward to supporting both these goals in my new role.”

FBFF Hosts Annual Garden Party

More than 75 people joined us for this year’s Garden Party at the Elkan residence garden in full bloom.  Each year new and faithful supporters join us for this beautiful event including Jews, Muslims, Christians, Israelis and Palestinians to hear the messages of the Bereaved Families Forum.  We heard the stories of Israeli and Palestinian youth participants of our joint summer camp read aloud.  We were delighted to see so many new and familiar faces and are grateful to all those who came and supported our cause.   Special guest, Wissam Boustany, renowned Lebanese/British concert flutist (pictured above in black) said, “I really enjoyed the afternoon – it was a short respite from the perpetual culture of blame and division that we are surrounded by.” We look forward to seeing everyone and many more next year.